Rest for the Nations Church and Mission

Serving Central Africa and the New England Area, USA. Situated in Concord, New Hampshire (NH), USA, and Kigali, Rwanda, Central Africa.

Our Story

In the fall of 1994 as a restless but relatively stable peace settled over Rwanda, thousands of survivors flooded back. Some for the first time, others to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Destitute and dispirited, they were a people who had lost everything including hope.

It was to these troubled, despairing victims that God called Manassee and Ibumba: Manassee to open a church in Kigali, and Ibumba to become an evangelist, traveling throughout the region. Both of them ministering to a lost and war-ravaged generation… women without husbands, children without parents, men without jobs; all without a future.

It has been and still is a daunting task. Life is very difficult. There is sickness and disease, hunger, homelessness and deprivation. Jobs are scares, poverty endemic, and inflation rampant. In 1997 Ibumba joined Manassee in Kigali.

Now God had joined the visions of these two compassionate men. Working together, their dream is to restore physical and spiritual well being to the unempowered women and needy children in Central Africa. Outreach programs in the United States will fund a community women’s center in Kigali. Here crafts and skills will be taught to make women self-sufficient. The program will also include health clinics, activities for children, and summer projects. Through God’s word we shall bring to all people that deep, abiding rest that comes only from Jesus and anchors us in peace in a world turbulent with conflict.

Rest for the Nations Church
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Rest for the Nations Ministries
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Pastor Manassee

Pastor Ibumba


Dedicated to the Spiritual and Physical healing of the broken-hearted, wounded survivors in a land haunted by the terrible visions of past atrocities.

Committed to bringing the Love and Hope of Jesus to the impoverished and despairing women and children of Central Africa.

Providing the spiritual support of the Gospel with the practical support of educational, material, and financial resources.

Empowering these women and children so that they may become the teachers and leaders in a brighter, more hopeful, and peaceful tomorrow.

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